A Hope for Possibilities…

Phew… where do i begin.. well.. it’s been a while since I’ve been trying to do something.. and finally today I have initiated. It’s been quite sometime ago when aZ! requested for ioa… And it’s been quite sometime since I’ve been struggling to figure out a way to do this for him.. I know that he believes that not every one does things that donot concern them. I know that because it’s very clear when u talk to him. He doesn’t expect anything from others. But is thankful when he sees something.. I got a message from him through saba today.. More like a thank you note from him to me.. Quite honestly I dont know why he would want to thank me. I didn’t really do it for him. I thought for a while that if I do this, what do I get out of it… after thinking for a while I think I realised the main course of my actions. I wanted to do this because it was his dream. It was something he wanted for quite sometime but didn’t know how to presue it.. And by being a medium through which I could create a possibility for his dream to come true.. I guess I recieved a bit of satisfaction.

There weren’t any people around me when I wanted my dreams to come true.. so I learned to do it on my own. Did they come true.. lets just say that I dont think about them anymore. And by me doing something for him, It doesn’t mean that he couldn’t do it on his own.. it just means that I knew how to do it with my resources… And I’m glad I did. Because it made a difference in his life. It doesn’t matter how small or how big it is.. it’s something.. And this something has made him smile if not pushed him into a happy go-lucky mode. I know that by doing something I gave him a reason to atleast consider the option of believing in people again.. even if it is just a little bit.. gives me a bit of satisfaction that atleast someone got something that they dreamed of.. I’m happy for him. and I’m happy that I was there to see a dream come true 🙂 It doesn’t make me anything better than what I am. It just makes a reason to hope for possibilities.