The Blind Woman’s Dreams

“Every cell in my body feels an undefinable pain… Oh so much pain… makes me wishing for a peaceful kiss of death.. And just when I feel the lava of my heart burning through my eyes, I see you. I feel you even more and more and that makes me weaker than you. You were once my strength, my pride, my reasoning.. you were once me. But now you’re torn apart and I’m torn away.. How do you handle it all? I wish I could find a way to ask you that, but I know I wont. I wish could gather the strength from you, just enough to fight back and end this, once and for all, but I know I wont. I wish for so much for You to see. So much I wanted to show you.. but then God stopped listening. I don’t ask anymore.”

A Passage From her Diary “The Blind Woman’s Dreams”