Just A Death

Laying at the bottom

Of an ocean cold and deep

A shimmer glides and shines then fades

Light from ocean’s top

Close it gets and warm it feels

Precious so I want more

Close it gets and disapears

Another ritual lie

Cold I am again and more

And yet again I’m lost

Paradise that feels just right

I wonder what it costs

Lingering in this darkness

Is that some thing I called my soul

Thou it’s just a memory

it’s still plays a role

From time to time I wish I had

A broken string of Hope

From the top they see my face

But they dont see the slope

Slowly I just wisper

the words and pain I feel

I guess I have just lost my will

To find the cure to heal

Man Against these raging waves

life is not that sweet

every day we knit our lies

to make our selves defeat

Innocence has many shades

mostly light and bright

I wonder where I lost my touch

In the end I stretch my hands

As I lose my breath

And thou I’ve lost a precious gift

This is just a death.

iffi, Jan 17th, 2005