Thoughts on Paper II

Off the notes as my fingers bleed,

I lay down and I wonder.

Was it worth a try, was it worth a cry,

Why not just surrender.

My heart still beats so I know it’s there,

And it doesn’t cry, no more.

A little peace I felt in a burning flair,

So I curse that fire, no more.

To leave aside my hall of pain,

I wish to fly no more.

I guess I was on the other side

When I wondered why no more

It’s not the same as I hold my thoughts

The wounds of guilt wont heal.

Empty lies of broken words,

I wrote down what I feel.

I chose to be in the darkest place,

So the light will fail no more.

The words would hurt if the walls could hear,

So I tell my tale no more.

I’ve heard he walked on the ocean’s waves,

I but I hear them hail no more.

I guess he walks on the other side

Where the boats just sail no more.

(Iffi, Jan 9, 2005)