Paper and Thoughts

Off all the notes, As my fingers bleed..

I lay down on my bed and wonder

Was it all worth a try? Was it all worth a cry?

Thou it is whats ment to be, it’s just an old lie.

Peace I feel but calm I am, no more

Heart still beats so I know its’ there, no more.

Not the same, holding thoughts as i feel

Not the same when bleeding fingers heel?

Empty lines of broken words

A failed effort of expression, no more.

fresh they were like thoughts I had, no more.

I close my eyes and hear it still

the strums and riffs of uncharted chords.

Ordinary Yet insane,

Part me and Part just pain but no more.

Blurred Vision and fading thoughts no more

As I fade I hold those notes.

As I fade I count those votes.

As I fade I wondered no more.

It’s just a paper and some thoughts, no more.

by iffi (Jan 3, 2005)